Fresh face: Rejuvenating the skin for a natural look

Though skin care is not just a facial issue, greater attention is often placed on maintaining a youthful and fresh-looking appearance. As a fresh face is always in style, the cosmetics industry has recently seen the shift toward a natural look for a flawless feature.

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In achieving a youthful appearance, many people have embraced various practices, including avoiding smoking, applying sunscreen, gently cleaning the skin, following a healthy diet, hydrating more, and managing stress. As these routines are deemed to be challenging for most people, the greater majority choose to apply make-up or even to undergo surgical procedures for a revitalized look.

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But there are those who opt for noninvasive skin care procedures. One of these noninvasive facial treatments that is relatively safe and guarantees more predictable results in terms of bright, clear, and naturally glowing skin is rejuvenation. Skin rejuvenation aims to solve the three common problems that cannot be resolved by formulas and are only hidden from view by make-up. These problems include discoloration, sagging, wrinkles, and damaged skin.

The most common option for rejuvenation works around skin resurfacing where the skin is peeled layer by layer following a thorough procedure performed by a dermatologist. Currently, however, noninvasive procedures have been gaining popularity that a vast array of natural and organic components are available today, which are readily accessible and fast becoming the preferred method of facial treatment for a growing number of consumers.

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Inspired by how gemstones were used in ancient times for their therapeutic and wellness benefits, gemstone facials are now becoming increasingly popular among beauty enthusiasts. These facials facilitate skin rejuvenation through facial relaxation and improving skin texture. The facial is done by directly applying to the skin a mixture of micro-fine gemstone powder, vitamin-rich oils, and aromatherapy essences.

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