REPOST: Kylie Jenner Shares the Best Kardashian Beauty Tip She’s Ever Gotten (Spoiler: It’s NOT Contouring)

When it comes to beauty tips, everyone seems to want to hear from the Kardashians. Kylie Jenner recently revealed a beauty tip in this article from Glamour.

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You’d think that the Kardashians, as a family, have a bank vault’s worth of beauty secrets, tips, and tricks, no? Between all the luxurious manes, the eyelashes, and the perfectly sculpted cheekbones, I’d give almost anything to be a fly on the wall during one of their primp sessions.

Kylie Jenner told Look the family member she routinely goes to for beauty advice is Khloe, and the top tip she’s ever given her is surprisingly basic.

“The best thing she taught me was to apply SPF to your face, as well as your hands. You can always tell someone’s age from their hands,” she said. Smart tip, and I feel happy that it’s such a wise one rather than, say, the perfect lip liner flick.

Also intriguing? To take a look from day to red carpet, she relies on sparkle. “I always add glitter, I love it!”

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Shining bright with diamond-infused skin care

Diamond-infused skin care is the most recent trend in anti-aging treatment. Diamond powder is incorporated into an array of cutting-edge skin care products, such as restorative facial masks, energizing and lifting serums, age defying moisturizers, and refining BB creams. This ingredient is even found in nail polish and shampoo.

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Regarded as the gemstones of goddesses representing beauty, love, and purity, diamonds are the world’s most coveted stones, and have been widely recognized for their exceptional powers and miraculous therapeutic abilities. In fact, minerals coupled with diamonds have been used as delivery systems for certain cancer drugs due to their high penetrating capacity. They have been found to positively influence various organs of the body in reducing fever, fighting infections, invigorating metabolism, rejuvenating blood circulation, and healing skin disorders.

In the modern skin care industry, diamonds are considered symbols of purity and perfection. Diamond-infused skincare deliver the promise of luxury and the pinnacle of care that matches the preciousness of skin health.

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Diamonds contain nanoparticles with exceptionally high absorption rate, that, when chemically attached to active anti-aging ingredients, allow them to penetrate deeper into the skin, yielding better skin renewal results. Nanoparticles also bond well with water to keep the skin hydrated longer. Conversely, consumers found diamonds to have the following proven effects on the skin:

1. Reducing the appearance of imperfection by refracting light and immediately refreshing appearance through the radiance of finely-blended diamond powder;

2. Renewing skin by allowing penetration of ingredients that improve blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, reverse oxidation damage, and accelerate skin renewal; and

3. Revitalizing skin by boosting collagen and exfoliation while providing optimal moisture and acting as a conductor for nutrient-rich, restorative formula in intensive diamond-fortified treatments.

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By gently moisturizing and adding shine to skin, diamond-infused treatments prove to be worth the high-price in bringing skin to perfection.

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